1st Female Mini Soccer Star for Coca-Cola

More than a passion the Mini Soccer Stars in Brazil became a collector’s item. Over every World Cup people have been collecting Mini Soccer Stars. Of course only the male player were producced. In the World Cup of 2018 Coca-Cola stopped producing them. We decided to complete the Mini Soccer Stars collection with the rarest mini-player of all: A female one

We created the Mini Soccer Star of the player Debinha and launched a social media challenge to win her mini figure using  some of Coca-Cola’s top influencers.

Maísa Silva, Bruno Gagliasso e Luisa Sonsa are huge Brazilian actors and influencers that helped the fans to win the 1st Female Mini Soccer Stars.

My point of view: It’s an honor to remake a remarkable icon of my childhood in partnerchip with a huge brand such as Coca-Cola. We had the idea and there were several tecnical issues but Coca came along with us and made it happend. I’m thankfull to be able to keep follow the diversity path in every agency I work.

Featured on  ︎  O Globo, Geek Publicitário, UOL, PropMArk, MKT Esportivo, Justiça de Sala, Itupeva Agora, AdNews, IG, Virgo, Inteligemcia, Redepara, Campinas, Agencia Why, Educadora FM, Promoview & NH.

Creative Direction: Renata Leão
Art Direction: Lara Roncatti, Isabelle Ramos
Copywriter: Heloisa Ribeiro
Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Client: Coca-Cola