Bikini Girls Are Back for Skol

After a huge effort of our creative team with the Reposter campaign and a lot of other activations, the brand was still receiving a lot of sexist comments on Skol’s social media. On April Fool's Day we wanted to play a prank on these people making the comments about having the brand bring back ads of girls in bikinis. We invited one of Brazil’s biggest comedians (Tata Werneck) to play the prank.

Probably this shouldn’t be on my portfolio because it wasn’t released. If you are Theo Rocha and you are reading this: Theo please don’t kill me. I just love this project SO MUCH. There is a lot of projects that we have to throw in the garbage when they are almost ready in our industry. This one I just love immensely so I took the risk of being hated. ︎

IN ︎︎︎ 2018   l   ROLE ︎︎︎ Creative Art Director   l   AT ︎︎︎ F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi   l   FOR ︎︎︎ Skol