How to be Naughty for Trident

It was supposed to be only one more jingle with the biggest Brazilian singer, Wesley Safadão, for the 2016 Valentine's Day. But, in a partnership between the creative and content team, it became an official song of the singer, performed by him in his concerts and being included in his Spotify official account.

The song was number one hit on Itunes and Brazilian radios and Trident decided to make a videoclip with the participation of 3 Brazilian main youtubers.

Featured on  ︎  Meio e MensagemAdnews, Mundo do Marketing, Mondelez,  & Clube de Criação.

Creative Direction: Theo Rocha & Gustavo Mayrink
Art Direction: Lara Roncatti, Wander Tosta & Bruno Castellotti
Copywriter: João Vicente Freire
Film Direction: Luiza Campos
Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Production: Vetor Filmes
Client: Skol Beer - AB Inbev