Lara Roncatti
Creative Art Director

+1 518 960 8718
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    I'm a 30 years old Senior Art Director with more than 10 years of experience and very passionate about innovative and creative work. I'm interested in trying new formats and finding new processes. I’m a fast learner, creative, strategic thinker and I enjoy working with multidisciplinary teams.

    I’ve lived and studied abroad in several countries andI have a strong interest in working in the United States to continue to expand upon my professional development. I can fluently speak English, Portuguese, Spanish. A little: Chinese, Italian, Hebrew and French.

    Less boring stuff about me: I'm talkative, genuinely happy, make friends very fast, love silly jokes, love smart jokes, love even my uncle’s jokes, shower a lot, am highly afraid of pigeons, will scream if I see them on the street, will hug someone close to me if it happens, will make others afraid when I hug them, they will also scream, love scuba diving, I'm very smart, I'm sorry for saying that I'm smart, but I am, I enjoy foreign movies, love listening to weird music styles, love animals, all animals, just hate pigeons.


Young Lions
- 2017 Brazilian Competition / ADCW

Reposter Awards

- CCSP Silver Promotional or Direct MKT Action

- CCSP Yearbook Promotional or Direct MKT Action

- Most Contagious Campaigns of 2017

- Most creative advertising that improves the World

- Meio & Mensagem / Top 10 Campaigns of 2017

Road Awards

- D&AD - Film Advertising 2017- Shortlist 

- CCSP Yearbook Film / Direction

- CCSP Bronze Image and Communication

My grandmother gave me the best granddaughter trophy.                                                                                


  • Senior Art Director
Wunderman Thompson
Nov 2018 - Sept 2019

  • Art Direction Teacher
Escola CUCA

Jun 2017 - May 2019

  • Senior Art Director 
Crispin Porter + BoguskyJan 2018 - August 2018

  • Art Director 
F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

Oct 2015 - Jan 201

  • Art Director 

Nov 2013 - August 2015

  • Art Assistant

Mar 2013 - Oct 2013

  • Art Assistant
Grupo TV1

Mar 2012 - Mar 2013

  • Weird small places as a treinee where I would serve coffee, answer the phone and Photoshop my bosses' profile picture ︎

Jan 2010 - Mar 2012