Manda Natús for Guaraná Anctártica

In 2020 Guaraná Anctártica, which is one of the main soda brands in Brazil, lanched Natú: a 100% natural soda. We hired the actress Suzana Vieira, who is known for being very vain and having thousands of memes about her to deliver the message that Guaraná Natú is as natural and tasty as she is.

Between Suzana’s memes there are some about her being a natural beauty, others about her having no patience for begginers (or new brands in the case of our product) and some being very flirty with men. #MandaNatus itself is a meme of another hashtag that people use as a joke when they are flirting and sending nude photos.

IN ︎︎︎ 2020   l   ROLE ︎︎︎ Campaign Concept & Art Direction  l   AT ︎︎︎ SOKO United Creators