Reposter for Skol

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Plenty of brands are keen to shout about female empowerment, but not many have confronted their own past marketing head-on. That's exactly what we decided to do. We invited female artists to reinterpret some old posters of Skol where the brand was very sexist.

The old posters had graphic images of sexism where women posed in skimpy bikinis and served beer to men. In social media and Google, those old images were the first thing shown when searching for Skol bacause of how disgusting they were. 

We wanted to make sure that in the new posters the women were empowered, drinking beer themselves and looking strong and confident. To show the new posters we created a website and asked people to contribute and send their own art. We received thousands of posters.

We also asked anyone who found one of Skol’s old and sexist posters in a bar (which is super common in Brazil) to share the info and we would go to the place and change it out for a new Reposter, which we did.

by Mariana Valadão

by Criola

by Giovanna Defacio

by Camila do Rosário

by Wander Tosta

by Tereza Costa 

by Manuela Eichner

by Uly Pulga

by Lara Roncatti

by Vitoria Cribb

by Criola

by Elisa Arruda

by Wander Tosta

by Gika Trivellato

by Carol

by Eva Uviedo

by Nega Hamburguer

by Wander Tosta

Our shotting crew was composed by mostly women. I am the fourth one on the left side. ︎ A lot of the big decisions of the project we left on the hands of the women so our message would be sharper.

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