Respect is ON for Skol

Skol was the first brand to sponsor the LGBTQ+ Pride parede in 2016.  Because they had a very picky past they were worried about the message. This idea started with a post and because they tough we made the concept so well we ended up having a entire activation at the LGBTQ+ Pride Parade, OOH, radio campaign and because of this we ended up doing the Road Movie.

This is part of the team that worked on the project.
I am the one on the right.

Also as part of Respect Is On, on Valentine’s Day we created an ad thata priori, it felt like a kiss between two straight people, a man and a woman. But clicking on the ad would open a profile from Instagram created exclusively to celebrate the date: @respeitoison.

The profile had a photo mosaicthat celebrated diversity and that all forms of kissing were valid: straight, gay, lesbian, trans. All represented in a mosaic of how love and people can be diverse.

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In ︎︎︎ 2016   l   Role ︎︎︎ Campaign Concept & Art Direction   l   At ︎︎︎ F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi