Is Not for You for Uber

In Carnival 2020 we launched a campaign that talks about this: courage. In it, we renewed the Uber’s Code of Conduct, making clear that certain behaviors are not accepted on Uber’s platform.

‘Are you from the group of harassers, racists and homophobes? Uber in not for you.’

If you commit harassment, acts of racism, LGBT phobia or any other type of violence on trips made through our app, Uber is not for you.

If you think you can hit on on drivers or passengers (as), Uber is not for you.

If you make jokes about someone's skin color and think that respect for others should only happen when others are like you, you know, right? That's right, Uber is not for you.

Yes, Uber can exclude from its community the account of people who do not respect the Code of Conduct. After all, we believe in respect as a path to security, and security is non-negotiable.

‘Do you think that harassment is ok during Carnival? Uber in not for you.’

‘Don’t respect two women kissing?Uber in not for you.’
‘Don’t respect two men kissing? Uber in not for you.’

‘Do you think that you can disrespect the Uber driver during Carnival? Uber in not for you.’

‘If you are a harrasser then Uber in not for you.’

‘If you are racist, Uber in not for you.’

My point of view: The challenge was to talk about harassment and discrimination on Uber when we all know the amount of scandalous cases that happen inside the plataform, specially in a time like Carnival. I belive the best way to deal with it is try to educate the society and position the brand in a strong way. 
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Creative Direction: Rafael Caldeira
Art Directon: Lara Roncatti & Mildredy Ventorin
Copywriter: Douglas Peroni
Planning: Juliana Jabra, Gabriela Rodrigues
Account Manager: Diego Avila
Agency: SOKO
Client: Uber