Viva Marielle for the memory of the politician Marielle Franco

Marielle was a Brazilian politician, feminist, and human rights activist that was shot after giving a speach in Rio de Janeiro. Her death remains a mystery to this day. To keep her memory alive we developed a Messenger chatbox that allow the user know More about Marielle’s trajectory and keep updated with her projects that are being votet in Brazilian law on these days.

My point of view: As a Cuca’s teacher I am very happy when my studens get such an important work done. When this project was released even Marielle’s lawyer called us to understad what was about.

Featured on  ︎  Vice, Clube de Criação, Direito Robótico, 33Giga, Terra, Tech ao Minuto, O Globo, Yahoo & Silva Lima

Creative Direction: Lara Roncatti
Art Direction: Phillipe Santos 
Copywriter: Camilla Ferreira Lopes
Agency: Escola Cuca